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HCRI designs and runs clinical trials with world-class academic researchers and industry sponsors. We combine the logistical capabilities of a contract research organization with world-class academic scientific leadership.

We have a proven track record in cardiology, central nervous system, and pulmonology, and our research and publications show it.

HCRI's Chief Scientific Advisor to Lecture at TCT

Dr. Lauri Mauri will be lecturing on the following topics at this year’s TCT conference in San Francisco

HCRI Investigator to present at TCT in San Francisco

Dr. Robert Yeh will be presenting on the following topics at this year’s TCT conference in San Francisco

Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI) Named Data Analytic Center For The American College Of Cardiology's (ACC) Pinnacle Registry Of Atrial Fibrillation

The PINNACLE Registry is cardiology's largest outpatient quality improvement registry. It collects data about patients in participating cardiology practices to help providers evaluate and improve their adherence to current guidelines, and it provides a wealth of data for research. HCRI will serve as a Data Analytic Center for proposals submitted to the ACC's National Cardiovascular Data Registry for research based on data from PINNACLE-AF, the atrial fibrillation platform for PINNACLE. Working in close collaboration with investigators and the ACC, HCRI will conduct data analysis for research projects approved by the ACC.